1x 1 Metre Table Shelf Edge Cushion Protector Guard


SKU Round Corner Protectors Multi Category

Product Description

Pack includes a 1x 1 Meter Soft edge protector strip & a 1x 1 Meter double sided 3M adhesive strip.

Perfect for protecting babies and children from injury from sharp corners on your furniture. These protector edges have many uses not only around the home but for nursery’s, schools, care homes and offices.

This is flat topped and made from clear silicone to help blend with surfaces and are easy to apply to all right angled furniture corners. Outer edges measure: 1cm x 1cm (approx)

Adhesive tape to be applied to the edge strip prior to fitting, we strongly recommend that the protectors themselves are thoroughly washed in warm soapy water and dried prior to use to remove any manufacturing residue, also the surface that the protectors are to be applied to should also be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried, this will ensure a firm bond on both surfaces.