Garage Door Seal

5 Benefits of Garage Door Seals in the UK

If you own a garage, then the likelihood is that you also own a garage door. I know, right? I am very perceptive. The question is, however, does your garage door have Garage Door Seals? Possibly not!

If you do, then I’m not quite sure why you are reading this article. However, if you don’t, then you must continue reading because there are some handy benefits to having Garage Door Seals that you might not have considered before…

1 – Retain Heat Through Your Garage

If you live in the UK, then the odds are that your garage gets incredibly cold at the best of times, particularly during the winter months. The gap beneath the garage door might appear to be insignificant, but the fact is, it’s letting a constant draft in to your garage.

You would be surprised by how effective a seal on the bottom of your garage door can make. When you seal the garage door up, your will create a draft exclusion, which essentially keeps the wind out, and the heart it. So, not only do you avoid losing precious heat, but you’ll end up saving more money, keeping your home far more energy efficient, not having to pay for the heat that escapes through the bottom of your garage door.

Sure, it might not make the world of difference, but every little helps. It can also make spending more time in your bathroom more comfortable.

2 – Less Need to Sweep your Garage

Unless your garage doubles up as a workshop, you shouldn’t have to be sweeping and cleaning it all of the time. That’s the trouble with having a gap under the bottom of your garage door. All kinds of dirt, leaves, and other debris will make its way into your garage and litter the place. Fortunately, you can put the broom away and simply install some handy Garage Door Seals. Sure, you’ll have to clean the garage now and again, but not half as often as you would without a proper seal on the garage door.

3 – Effective Pest Control

A messy garage is the perfect place for little pests to call home. Whether it be mice, birds, or giant spiders as big as your face, having an unsealed garage is like putting a rodent-sized sign on the door that says “all pests are welcome”. This is especially the case during the winter months when the creepy crawlies make their way out of the cold and into any suitable shelter they can find. The gap underneath your garage door night not seem at all that big, but you’d be surprised by how small a gap, pests can fit through, especially mice and rats!

The good news is; you can significantly reduce the chances of having an infestation of pests by installing Garage Door Seals. Bet you didn’t see that coming? You won’t necessarily keep all of the creepy crawlies out, but you will certainly notice a big drop in nasty encounters!

4 – Protect Your Belongings from Water Damage

For most people, the garage is a handy place to store a number of their belongings, without really giving much thought to how much of a risk of damage there is, certainly if not stored properly. Unpredictable weather due to the acceleration of climate change for example, is not something that springs to mind when you store an item in your garage. However, with a greater risk of torrential rain, high winds, and even flooding in some areas, you shouldn’t leave your garage (and belongings), so exposed.

There are various types of Garage Door Seals, including weather stripping, which can prevent water from seeping (or getting blown in) to your garage and subsequently destroying your beloved bits (even if they are just collecting dust).

5 – Additional Noise Reduction (Cheeky Bonus)

OK, so adding a Garage Door Seal isn’t going to eliminate all sound coming from inside your garage, but it will certainly make a difference. This might not be too significant to most people, but for those who value their privacy, having the additional noise reduction from your garage is a nice little bonus. In addition to that, if you do decide to start tinkering in the garage late at night (because why not?) having a little extra noise reduction is a friendly courtesy to your neighbours.


And there we have it. Five pretty darn good reasons to invest in some seals for your garage door. Keep your garage secure, clean, dry, and pest-free. Oh, and keep the noise down!