Top 5 Cases/Reasons to Use Cable Tidies

Ah cables. The word alone paints a picture in the mind of a spaghetti-mess of cables tangled up and impossible to unravel. As crucial as cables are in this technologically driven world, they are a serious source of anxiety. Think about what it’s like to have a pair of headphones in your pocket for an hour? *shudders*

But don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to talk about an awesome solution—Cable Tidies—and 5 reasons why you need them in both the home and workplace! Read on and we will untangle the mystery before your very eyes.

1 – Health & Safety

First and foremost, safety is reason enough to get your hands on some Cable Tidies. When owning and operating a business, you are responsible for keeping your establishment up to code and safe for both your employees and customers to use. Preventing cable-related injuries, such as tripping over or getting tangled up like a rabbit in a thorn-bush, is actually quite simple. You can use floor cord covers for concealing cables that need to run across public pathways, and Cable Tidies to keep all other cords safely (and neatly) tucked away out of sight.

2 – Less Frustration & Wasted Time

When installing hardware such as a load of computers in your office, you need to plan ahead for the future. Yes, getting everything plugged in and set-up as fast as possible is important so that your employees can get to work, however, doing so without planning ahead or establishing an organised system of sorts, is asking for trouble.

Whenever you need to move a computer or troubleshoot faulty hardware, your IT guys are going to be faced with a tangled, identical mess of cables; which is not only a waste of time, but infuriatingly painful to sift through. With some Cable Tidies, you can conveniently label and order your cables, keep certain cables from getting crossed, and make the whole process a truckload easier to contend with when the times comes.

3 – Money Saving

Cables that are allowed to pile up on the floor, hang, slack behind equipment, and be subject to foot traffic are significantly more likely to suffer damage over time. When you introduce a simple cable management system, you can create a safer, cleaner, and more organised business space. Having to replace the occasional cable isn’t the end of the world, but when it can be so easily avoided, it makes it all the more worth investing a little time and money into some Cable Tidies.

4 – Keep A Clean & Clutter-Free Environment

A clean and clutter free environment is much better for keeping a motivated workforce. Nobody likes working in a mess; it fogs the mind and has a seriously negative effect on productivity. Thus, keeping your cables clean and tidy is a good investment. You see, nothing clings to cables quite like dust! If they’re all tangled up in a mess on the floor, they’re going to collect a disgusting amount of dust and will be a nightmare to clean. On the other hand, if they are conveniently organised with some Cable Tidies, you can keep them clean and tidy, thus creating a more comfortable working environment.

5 – Keeping Up Appearances

First impressions are important, especially in business. If you will have customers and potential clients visiting your premises, then something as seemingly insignificant as having your cables tidy will make a big difference in the way that they view your operation. To many people, messy cables isn’t a big deal and most won’t even notice it. However, to some, it will definitely earn you some brownie points!


These 5 points should be reason enough to make you want to keep your home and workplace tidy. Cables, when left to their own devices, will get themselves into all sorts of tangles! However, when you take control and keep them suitably organised, they have to play by your rules!

So, to summarise, why should you invest in some Cable Tidies?

  • Safety first (no more trips)
  • Save time (and avoid frustration)
  • Save money (no unnecessary replacements)
  • Clutter-free (great for productivity)
  • Impression count (so make a good one)