Home Improvement Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Human ingenuity is a fine thing indeed. When you think about how far we have come from a technological perspective in just the last 20 years or so, it is rather astounding. But often some of the coolest inventions, are the simplest, which are often the most frequently overlooked. Or indeed, very few people actually know about them at all!

Take some of these home improvement gadgets as an example. At a glance, these items might seem unremarkable to you. However, for such a low investment, the benefits that they bring are certainly not to be snuffed at.

Here are 5 awesome home improvement gadgets that you never knew you needed!

1 – Furniture Square Corner Cushion Protector Guards

Furniture Square Corner Cushion Protector Guards

Furniture square corner cushion protector guards are the type of home improvement gadget that many people overlook until they have children, or grandchildren tearing around the home at high speed. However, you don’t actually need to have children in your life for these to be a viable home improvement gadget.

How many times have you rushed past your dinner table only to crack your hip straight into the corner? You double over in pain, ‘eff and blind’ like a crazy person, and then you move on with your life (unwittingly inching towards the next painful impact).

But for just £1.79 a pop, these furniture square corner cushion protector guards can not only save you a world of pain, but they can also keep your furniture in crisp condition (the corners of furniture are often the most prone to chipping and becoming damaged).

2 – Nail-In Felt Floor Protectors

Whilst on the subject of protecting furniture, how about protecting your floors from your furniture? Having laminate flooring installed is certainly not cheap. Nor is it a painless experience if you decide to DIY the job instead. So, why go through all of that effort, only to have chairs dragging and scratching across the floor every day? With these Nail-In Felt Floor Protectors, you can keep your laminate flooring scratch-free and looking fresh for longer. At only £2.98 for 24, it’s a no brainer!

3 – Soft Slow Close Door Hinges & Screws

Are you tired of telling your children off for slamming the kitchen cupboards? Noise aside, the consistent impact significantly reduces the longevity of the fixtures, meaning you’ll end up with faulty doors hanging offer their hinges in no time. However, there is an incredibly simple solution: Soft Slow Close Door Hinges & Screws! Swap out your standard hinges with these handy gadgets and you’ll be able to enjoy a (relatively) quiet life. That, and it is actually rather satisfying letting a cupboard door close softly by itself. It’s the little things in life…

4 – Ivy Wheelie Bin Cover

Wheelie bins: we can’t live without them, but my goodness are they are terrible eyesore. With these awesome Ivy Wheelie Bin Covers (4x Vinyl Self Adhesive Sheets for 1x Bin), you can have your bins blend in to your garden wonderfully. Granted, they won’t do much with the smell, but they will certainly prevent your neighbours from pinching them off you!

5 – Garage Door Floor Threshold Weather Seal

This is one of our favourite home improvement gadgets, one that is often the most overlooked. The Garage Door Floor Threshold Weather Seal HEAVY DUTY RUBBER Draught Excluder is an incredibly simple yet wonderfully effective item. Not only can it prevent dust, debris, rain water, and draft from slipping in under your garage door, but pests as well. This is particularly helpful if your garage is connected to your home. Keep the cold out and the warmth in with these heavy duty rubber seals and you’ll find yourself feeling far more comfortable spending time in the garage from here on out!


Again, some of these items may not appear at a glance to be all that exciting, but their practicality and simplicity make them all the more worth it. These cheap home improvement gadgets can effortlessly improve your quality of life and they’re all incredibly easy to install.

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