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Rubber Cable Trunking VS Cable Protectors: What’s the difference?

People often ask us, “what is the difference between cable trunking and cable protectors?” And the answer is that there is no real difference. Not really. It’s just a matter of semantics.

You see, the definition of ‘trunking’, is “having all of the electrical and communications cables bundled together and distributed throughout a building”.  This is a method of organisation that not only keeps the cables neat and tidy thus preventing tripping, but also protected from being damaged by foot traffic as well.  

Cable protectors on the other hand, is just another way of defining a cable trunking system. They both serve the very same purpose; keeping the cables organised and protected. Yes, they come in various styles and designs, sizes and materials, but functionality-wise, they are practically one in the same.

The one arguable difference between Rubber Cable Trunking and Cable Protectors

Whilst Rubber Cable Trunking and Cable Protectors are the same, cable trunking in general comes in many different forms. For example, you may notice plastic rectangular trunking systems trailing along the skirting of an office building’s interior. These are often permanent solutions for running various electronic and communications cables throughout. They are also often found in the panelled ceiling space, tucked out of the way.

Rubber Cable Trunking and Cable Protectors on the other hand, tend to be used to run across the floor of an office space, meeting room, or concert hall, as a means of protecting cables that need to be used temporarily.

For example: let’s say that you are hosting a corporate event at a venue. All of the cables for the various Audio Visual equipment may need to run across the main causeway. Naturally, having these cables exposed to foot traffic is a disaster waiting to happen. This is why Rubber Cable Protectors are so useful. They keep the cables bundled together and safely protected under a heavy-duty rubber protective ‘sleeve’. That way, people can tread on these rubber protective sleeves as much as they like without causing any unnecessary damage, or subsequently tripping over and injuring themselves.

Do I Need a Cable Trunking System / Cable Protectors?

Yes. Running cables throughout an office space or a commercial building without any form of trunking system is a lawsuit waiting to happen. If you wish to protect your interests and the health and safety of your employees and customers, then cable trunking systems and protectors are vital.

Here are the main benefits for your convenience:

  • Cheap and easy to install
  • As the cables are enclosed within the trunking system, there is no risk of the cable insulation being damaged
  • Cables are kept safe from dust and humidity
  • Alternations are possible (you can reposition them as is necessary depending on the situation)
  • Longevity (rubber trunking systems and cable protectors have a long life)

Other uses for Rubber Cable Trunking Systems and Cable Protectors

There are other scenarios in which rubber cable trunking systems and protectors are incredibly useful. Let’s say for example that you are hosting an event outdoors (e.g., a wedding or charity concert, etc.); leaving cables exposed runs the risk of moisture damaging the cables or indeed causing disastrous electrical issues. And of course, they serve the same purpose as keeping the cables organised and removing any potential danger of people tripping over the cables.

Are Rubber Cable Trunking Systems and Cable Protectors a worthwhile investment?

Absolutely. Bearing in mind that once you have purchased your Rubber Cable Trunking System and Protectors in whatever length you need, you likely won’t need to replace them for many years. In fact, even with constant use, you should be able to get at least 10 years of use out of your Rubber Cable Trunking System and Cable Protectors. Thus, spending £99.00 on ten metres of heavy duty cable trunking is without question, a worthwhile investment.

Cable Trunking is often overlooked by business owners, which often ends up as a costly mistake. As the old adage of Murphy’s Law suggests: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” The question you have to ask yourself is: is it worth the risk?


To conclude, Rubber Cable Trunking Systems and Cable Protectors are practically one in the same. They are incredibly useful in a commercial environment and can save you an awful lot of trouble in the long run. All in all, we would highly recommend this product.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Thanks!

Top 5 Cases/Reasons to Use Cable Tidies

Ah cables. The word alone paints a picture in the mind of a spaghetti-mess of cables tangled up and impossible to unravel. As crucial as cables are in this technologically driven world, they are a serious source of anxiety. Think about what it’s like to have a pair of headphones in your pocket for an hour? *shudders*

But don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to talk about an awesome solution—Cable Tidies—and 5 reasons why you need them in both the home and workplace! Read on and we will untangle the mystery before your very eyes.

1 – Health & Safety

First and foremost, safety is reason enough to get your hands on some Cable Tidies. When owning and operating a business, you are responsible for keeping your establishment up to code and safe for both your employees and customers to use. Preventing cable-related injuries, such as tripping over or getting tangled up like a rabbit in a thorn-bush, is actually quite simple. You can use floor cord covers for concealing cables that need to run across public pathways, and Cable Tidies to keep all other cords safely (and neatly) tucked away out of sight.

2 – Less Frustration & Wasted Time

When installing hardware such as a load of computers in your office, you need to plan ahead for the future. Yes, getting everything plugged in and set-up as fast as possible is important so that your employees can get to work, however, doing so without planning ahead or establishing an organised system of sorts, is asking for trouble.

Whenever you need to move a computer or troubleshoot faulty hardware, your IT guys are going to be faced with a tangled, identical mess of cables; which is not only a waste of time, but infuriatingly painful to sift through. With some Cable Tidies, you can conveniently label and order your cables, keep certain cables from getting crossed, and make the whole process a truckload easier to contend with when the times comes.

3 – Money Saving

Cables that are allowed to pile up on the floor, hang, slack behind equipment, and be subject to foot traffic are significantly more likely to suffer damage over time. When you introduce a simple cable management system, you can create a safer, cleaner, and more organised business space. Having to replace the occasional cable isn’t the end of the world, but when it can be so easily avoided, it makes it all the more worth investing a little time and money into some Cable Tidies.

4 – Keep A Clean & Clutter-Free Environment

A clean and clutter free environment is much better for keeping a motivated workforce. Nobody likes working in a mess; it fogs the mind and has a seriously negative effect on productivity. Thus, keeping your cables clean and tidy is a good investment. You see, nothing clings to cables quite like dust! If they’re all tangled up in a mess on the floor, they’re going to collect a disgusting amount of dust and will be a nightmare to clean. On the other hand, if they are conveniently organised with some Cable Tidies, you can keep them clean and tidy, thus creating a more comfortable working environment.

5 – Keeping Up Appearances

First impressions are important, especially in business. If you will have customers and potential clients visiting your premises, then something as seemingly insignificant as having your cables tidy will make a big difference in the way that they view your operation. To many people, messy cables isn’t a big deal and most won’t even notice it. However, to some, it will definitely earn you some brownie points!


These 5 points should be reason enough to make you want to keep your home and workplace tidy. Cables, when left to their own devices, will get themselves into all sorts of tangles! However, when you take control and keep them suitably organised, they have to play by your rules!

So, to summarise, why should you invest in some Cable Tidies?

  • Safety first (no more trips)
  • Save time (and avoid frustration)
  • Save money (no unnecessary replacements)
  • Clutter-free (great for productivity)
  • Impression count (so make a good one)